Delve into the Mind with Princess Kali at Mischief in May

Laughter in Humiliation Play with Princess Kali by Evennfall

Mischief in May presenter Princess KaliThe sexually dynamic Domme Princess Kali is educating for the first time in Iowa at Mischief in May! Princess Kali has over a decade of experience with power exchange, humiliation, alternative lifestyles and fetishes. She is an educator, kink coach and retired professional Dominatrix who has taken part in creating Kink Academy, Passionate U, and

Princess Kali is presenting the classes “Creative Humiliation”, “Domination 201”, and “The Lazy Tops Guide to an Exciting and Creative Scene”. Raffle tickets can also be purchased May 15th-17th at Mischief in May to have breakfast with this amazing kink educator. 

You have over a decade of Domme experience, do you continue to learn new things and what have you learned of interest lately?

I absolutely continue to learn new things! Kink is so full of variables, even if I’ve done an activity with one person I might experience it completely differently with someone else. Everyone has a slightly different perspective or kink expression. I had a great conversation about water sports recently and all the ways one can enjoy that sort of play in the summer time—kinksters are so creative!

You created Kink Academy as the largest video based BDSM educational site in 2007. What are some of your favorite videos or ones you refer people to the most?

I’m so proud of and since I’m kind of an education snob, all of the presenters on the site have been well curated! It’s hard to pick favorites because they all have such different skills to offer (we have over 130 educators and nearly 1400 videos), but a few that are referred to the most frequently are:

Mollena for all things submissive

Topologist & Graydancer for bondage

Foxy & Sherifox for Pony Play

Ms Servalan for Domestic Discipline

Mischief in May presenter Princess Kali What encouraged you to focus on kink education and coaching?

Even during my professional domination career (I’ve been retired for a few years) I always saw myself as a guide and educator, helping my clients learn more about themselves and their kinks. I had the idea for Kink Academy after many years of teaching classes at events. Realizing that there were a lot of kinksters in the world who many never have the chance to attend something like Mischief in May, and that they deserved to learn from well-respected educators too.

Creative Humiliation is a class you have presented across the country, what are your top 3 favorite aspects of humiliation play?

Absurdity is a major element of my play, laughing is so important in life and we have a lot of opportunities for laughter in humiliation play! I also love the creativity I get to apply in coming up with psychological buttons to push. Lastly, there is so much variation to what people find “humiliating” it’s like a treasure hunt to figure out what works.

Mischief in May presenter Princess KaliYour presenters choice class for Mischief in May is “The Lazy Tops Guide to an Exciting and Creative Scene”, where you will share examples of inventive play. Could you give us an example of an imaginative, inexpensive ‘real world’ situation from this class?

Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but I have a few really excellent ideas using a cheap deck of blank index cards…

Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable events you have had in the lifestyle?

Now that’s really hard to pick, it’s been a very adventurous journey through the BDSM world. One year at a kinky camp named Dark Odyssey I put my submissive Wimpy in the mud in front of the dungeon (it had been raining heavily) for anyone to use as a “rug” as they left the play space. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time!

What are you looking forward to at Mischief in May?

It’s always fun to present at a new event and I’ve never been to Iowa before, so it will be fun to meet all the local kinksters. See you soon!