Vendor Sinsual Steel to attend Mischief in May

The Sting of Steel & More Offered from Sinsual Steel by Evennfall

Mischief in May vendor Sinsual Steel custom snap dragon paddle.Looking for a unique, quality BDSM impact toy? Ray Margo of Sinsual Steel discusses his handmade items; the multiple carbon rods of the widows kiss and versatility of the snap dragon paddle. Ray started making toys for his own personal use but was encouraged by friends to start his own business. Look for Sinsual Steel at Iowa’s BDSM event Mischief in May, Des Moines, Iowa May 15th-17th.

What inspired you to start Sinsual Steel?
I wanted to make quality, handmade items that the average person; including myself, could afford.

You offer a large variety of products from sensual to extreme. How do you decide what items to sell?
We try to make things so that there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Do you test any of the items personally?
Absolutely! I test all of the items to get thoughts and opinions before offering them to the public.

Which product is most popular?
It varies from show to show. Right now the popular items are the stainless steel canes, rubber paddles and batons, and widows kisses.

Which product is your favorite?
Mischief in May vendor Sinsual Steel custom cane widows kiss My favorite product would be the widows kiss because of its versatility. The widows kiss is a mischievous toy that has a sting from multiple carbon fiber reeds.

Which product is the most unique?
We have many unique items. The widows kiss, snap dragon, and the black hornet just to name a few. The black hornet is made of 2mm carbon fiber rod with handle, and can be pulled back to snap and mark its target. And the snap dragon is a long handled small, rubber paddle that can reach the most private places.

Are you excited to have Sinsual Steel at Mischief in May this year?
We are very excited to be coming back and seeing friends from last year, and we hope to meet many new friends.

Will there be any special discounts at Mischief In May?
We’re hoping to put our cards in the goodie bags that they hand out and when redeemed customers can get 10% off their purchase, but only during the event

What products can people expect to see at Mischief in May?
All the products that are currently on our site, as well as; some new items being introduced that weekend!

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