Sinsual Steel returns to MiM

Sinsual Steel is once again returning to vend at Mischief in May VII.  We thought it was time to ask a few questions and find out what they are going to have available for all of our Mischief Event Attendees.

1. What type of merchandise are you going to have available for our Mischief Event Attendees?

Sinsual Steel will be bringing paddles, dragon’s tongues, floggers, horse hair floggers, canes of lots of different types along with many, many other items. All items are handmade with lots of love and great attention to every little detail. We will also be featuring a lot of new items that won’t even be listed yet. All attendees will have the opportunity to buy them before anyone else. Check out our store on Etsy to look at some of the items we’ll be bringing along.

2.  Are you going to have any special deals for Mischief Attendees that are only available during the event?

For the attendees of this event, we’ll be offering select paddles and rattan items at $5 off the price marked! So stop by our booth to check out what we have!

3.   Are you going to be doing any special demos or modeling of particular products?

Never thrown a flogger or dragon’s tongue before? Don’t be afraid to let us know when you stop by! Draygon_1 will be glad to help you learn and show you some great beginner’s toys if you’re just starting out.  If you’re more experienced, not to worry, we will have plenty of great items for you as well.

4.  Do you have a particular favorite product that you sell?

Well since there are two of us, we’ll tell both of ours. Master (Draygon_1) would probably say that his favorite toy is the dragon’s tongue. He loves the snap and sting it gives in just the spot he wants it to.  While me, his slave (draysangel) would have to say that my favorite is the rubber flogger. At least for now.  Smiles…. I seem to fall in love with more of them as time goes by.

5.  What is the most popular product that you will have on hand at Mischief in May?

A popular item for us right now is the thumper. It’s a rolled piece of suede that really packs a good thump. Each item has a hand turned wood handle which is an asset to this piece to make it special. Another item that has been popular for us is the Widows Kiss. The five carbon fiber rods make this a very versatile toy for anyone’s toy bag.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to shop with Sinsual Steel. Register for Mischief in May VII by going HERE.