Aeolis Est returns for more Mischief

Aeolis Est, the Primal Predator, is coming back to Mischief in May. After Mischief VI’s superb presentations we just had to see more! Aeolis is going to be presenting 4 BRAND NEW to Mischief classes. Also, on Friday night Aeolis and his demo-doll Fire-bite will be showing all of us what a bondage performance art piece looks like. You just do not want to miss this years Mischief. If you haven’t registered go HERE NOW! Don’t be left out! Aeolis was kind enough to answer a few questions for us as we dug a little deeper into the mind of the Primal Predator. Check out his answers below:

  1. Welcome back Aeolis to Mischief in May. The first question on everyone’s mind that saw you last year is, will you be bringing the tiara with you?

Well, I will be bringing the tiara with me. It travels just about everywhere I go, for whenever the princess mood strikes.

2. One of your classes this year is: “Transitions Not willing to leave well enough alone.” When teaching transitions do you find that the spiritual reasoning of using transitions to take a person’s rope work to the next level is a difficult concept for most people to understand?

Oddly enough, I have found that the most difficult part of teaching transitions is teaching the confidence part of things. More often than not, the skill required to learn transitions exists long before the Top has acquired the sufficient confidence to do them.

I’m not talking about ego here, but the confidence in their own ability to move beyond thinking in straight up and down types of suspensions. I’ve found that most people that have been doing suspensions for a while have already started incorporating minor transitions into their scenes, and it just takes a bit of pointing it out to them to show them that they have the skill. Of course, there is also a fine line to walk here, between the confidence to do a thing, and the ego-driven overconfidence that causes people to run up hard against Dunning-Kruger. As for the spiritual side of things, it is something that people must find for themselves. At first, people are usually too worried about making sure everything is done right to think about the spiritual/connectivity aspects of what they’re doing. The bottoms, on the other hand, they usually get it right away.

3) How long have you been into rope and has the spirituality of tying someone always been a part of it for you?

I’ve been using rope in my play for as long as I can remember. 12-13 years or so, I think. I got really serious about it back in 2009 or so, and by then my spirituality had taken over just about every aspect of my life. So, to answer the second part of the question, yes, though I must say that it was not always as overtly a part of it as it is now.

4) Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable events you have had while teaching rope at the many conventions that you have attended as a Presenter?

It’s hard to answer this question, as there have been many moments over the years where something has stuck out and lingers powerfully in my memory. I love the “Ah HA!” Moments, those times when someone finally “gets” something new, and I can see whole worlds of possibility opening behind their eyes. It is for those moments that I continue to travel and share my knowledge, I love helping people achieve something new and exciting in their lives.

Even so, I also really love those moments when I am presenting something particularly brutal and I can look out and see in the audience a panoply of emotions. Horror, arousal, shame at being aroused by something so horrible, it really does run the gamut. I was teaching semenawa (punishment rope) one time, and I happened to catch the eye of a girl masturbating near the back of the room. I hadn’t noticed that she was doing it, and all of a sudden our eyes locked. I knew what she was doing, and the moment of realization that I had noticed her caused her to blush this beautiful shade of puce. I didn’t point her out to everyone, but it was this really lovely moment that was shared between her and I.

5) Aeolis Est, your Presenters Choice class this year is: “Rope Dancing, Rough Body Play Style.” Why did you select that class?

This is a relatively new class that I’ve started sharing, and it was developed directly from the style of play that I usually find myself utilizing. More than once I’ve had someone come up to me after one of my scenes and ask where they can learn the stuff I was doing. After enough of those, I decided I should start sharing it as a formal class, and it’s been great. Also, I really hate it when someone tells me that they’re not into rope because it’s boring. I can definitely accept someone not being into rope because it just isn’t their thing, but it horrifies me to think of the kind of rope they’ve been exposed to where they think it’s boring. Rope play is what you make of it, and I love sharing how versatile it can be. Rough body play and rope bondage that ISN’T hojo-jutsu? Sign me up.

6) What are you looking forward to the most with this return trip to Mischief in May?

In returning, I am looking forward to spending time with some of the fantastic folk I got to meet last time. I really enjoyed quite a few of the folk I met last year, and it will be great to see them again. As for this MiM in particular, I love the panel of presenters that you have. Murphey is an amazing rope presenter, and I always enjoy seeing him, but Raven Kaldera and Laura Antoniou are phenomenal folk, and I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to spend some time learning from them.

There you have it. Aeolis is all ready for even more Mischief with his return engagement ! But in order for him to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up soon! Don’t miss out on seeing not only Aeolis Est, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Murphy Blue, Raven Kaldera, Laura Antoniou, and KinkMedic. You will not be disappointed!