Murphy Blue ready for Mischief


Murphy Blue is bringing his highly engaging teaching style to Mischief in May VII. World renowned as one of the rope worlds premier Presenters, Murphy has so much rope work in his arsenal that we will see just a fraction of it on Mischief Weekend. But just to see the four classes that Murphy will be teaching you have to be registered to go.  Don’t wait any longer! GO HERE TO REGISTER NOW! And check out the announcement of the new addition to Mischief, the Bondage Art Performance.  Both Murphy and Aeolis will perform one Bondage Rope Performance, a highly erotic, emotionally sensual, and stunningly beautiful rope scenes. This is the Mischief that you can’t miss. The price goes up in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! Buy your tickets NOW! Murphy was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us so we can have some insight into the man that is: Murphy Blue.

1)      Welcome Murphy Blue to Mischief in May. The first class that you are presenting for us is “Lets Talk Hogties.” Do you find that hogties are something that you do for a specific type of rope scene or is it something that can be incorporated into any rope scene?

Hogties can be part of any rope scene. From the erotic to the sadistic. Because of the position, they usually add some mental level of being “actually” captured. From there, it usually depends on the mindset of the rope top, and the flavor of the connection the players have on what the scene will become.

2)       One of your classes this year is ”Sexual Shibari.” Do you find that the sexual nature of Shibari is intrinsically linked to the spiritual nature of rope play?

The sexual nature of bondage is there because bondage is a sexual act. Spirit adds it’s flavor to the mix, but when you consent to either tying or being tied, there is a sexual feeling in the tie from the beginning. It could be because the act of bondage makes people feel more vulnerable, and when we feel we can trust people with that level of vulnerability, we allow a level of attraction to grow. It could be the feeling of shame that makes “naughty” things turn us on that is at play. Allowing your spirit to connect to rope allows you control over something that is already in motion, and the ability to direct that motion, add even more power to it… or remove that sexual power entirely.

3)      How long have you been into rope and has the spirituality of tying someone always been a part of it for you?

16 years. And no. While I have always had a connection to spiritual studies and practice, rope was originally an artistic pursuit for me. As I learned to let the rope convey the message I was intending, I began to allow what I knew about spirit to intermingle with what I was learning about rope.

4)      Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable moments you have had while teaching rope at the many conventions that you have attended as a Presenter?

At my first Bondage Expo Dallas, I was making a point about how different emotions can be focused no matter what music is playing. I cited an example form another class where I did a hardcore bondage demo to a song from “The Lion King”. They wanted to see, but I didn’t have the song.  So I sang it while doing the demo. They were very pleased.

5)      Murphy Blue, your Presenters Choice class this year is: “The Many Moods of Bondage.” Why did you select that class?

Because people assume a bondage form is “sadistic”, “sensual”, or the like. And while a form may have a leaning, it is up to the people in the scene to give it a mood and flavor. And to hold that mood regardless out outside influences. I want people to be able to use whatever rope forms they know to have whatever types of scenes they dream of. Rope is as versatile as we are.

6)      What are you looking forward to the most on your first trip to Mischief in May?

Seeing old friends, making new ones, and experiencing another part of the kink world.

Murphy Blue is ready to experience all that Mischief has to offer! But in order for him to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! Don’t miss out on seeing not only Murphy Blue, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Aeolis Est, Raven Kaldera, Laura Antoniou, and KinkMedic. You will not be disappointed!