A whole lot of KinkMedic Mischief is coming soon!

Mischief in May VII is quickly approaching! Do you have your tickets yet? If not, go here and get them NOW! Below is our final Presenter interview. Now that you have heard from all the Presenters it is easy to see that this Mischief is going to be one of the greatest events that we have ever had. You do not want to miss this Mischief. And now, lets find out what KinkMedic is bringing to Mischief:

1)                  Welcome KinkMedic  to Mischief in May. One of the classes that you are presenting for us is “Putting the “Rough” in Rough Body Play.” Do you find that the popularity of Rough Body Play continues to grow and why do you think that is?

I am surprised at how popular rough body play has become! It seems that every time it comes up in conversation, more and more people are exploring that as a kink they never thought they’d be open to…which is cool to see! I think it’s grown in popularity because it’s one of those things that violates almost every rule of social behavior. We’re taught from our earliest experiences that hitting others or causing them pain is HUGE social no-no. But when both parties agree, it can be such an incredibly intense experience, partly because it flies in the face of the social “norm” but primarily because of all the new sensations and levels of intensity it brings to the bedroom.

2)                  One of your classes this year is ” Pressure Points – An Owners Manual.” Is the topic of pressure points a difficult one to approach when taking into account the possibility of a misapplication that can result in injury?

I always preface this subject by saying that the things you’ll learn during class can absolutely do harm and should be explored with a gentle touch until you’ve gotten a solid grasp of how they work. But that rule applies to most things in the kink world. Anything used incorrectly can ultimately do harm and therefore it’s on us to explore new kinks with a good dose of caution.

3)                  A lot of people coming to Mischief in May are asking who is KinkMedic? What is something that you can tell us about yourself that you think will clear up some of the mystery of KinkMedic.

The bulk of my time in the community has been more or less under the radar. I’ve been providing volunteer medical support at kinks events for almost a decade. So I’ve always been around, you just wouldn’t have ever seen me unless you were injured or something went wrong with your scene. Until a few years ago, I’d always just kept my training to myself and my scenes. But after a particularly brutal scene at an event, someone asked if I’d be willing to teach a class? Which of course came as a surprise to me, but I jumped at the chance! Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to draw from all my training and develop additional classes.

4)                  Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable moments you have had while teaching at the many conventions that you have attended as a Presenter?

As far as favorite moments while presenting, I’m lucky because they happen all the time. It’s that look, sort of like seeing a light turned on, behind someone’s eyes when they realize that rough body play is something well within the realm of their ability. That starry-eyed shine that tells me that I’ve gotten through to that person and they can have an entire scene with nothing more than what they have attached at the end of their wrists. I love that look!

5)                  KinkMedic, your Presenters Choice class this year is: “Anatomy & Physiology for Kink.” Why did you select that class?

Like a lot of information out there, so much of it comes from sources that we can’t necessarily validate. Not that anyone has malicious intent in putting it out there, but there are rules we follow during play that we have no idea why we follow them or where they came from? This class was created to help end some of those misconceptions by providing the scene with statistically based, evidence backed information that will give us the tools needed to play safer. Because ultimately, the more we know, the safer we can play!

6)                  What are you looking forward to the most on your first trip to Mischief in May?

I’m a full on extrovert of a human being! It’s all about the people for me. I don’t often get the chance to teach outside the Chicagoland area, so getting to meet people that I would not normally come across is going to be the best part of Mischief in May. Beyond getting to spend an entire weekend surrounded by a bunch of awesome kinky people, seeing some new faces and hopefully learning a thing or two will totally make my weekend! So please don’t hesitate to come up and say, ‘Hi’ (I’m told I give good hug)!

KinkMedic is coming to find out just how much mischief that Mischief has to offer! But in order for him to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up on April 18th! Don’t miss out on seeing not only KinkMedic, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Aeolis Est, Raven Kaldera, Laura Antoniou, and Murphy Blue. You will not be disappointed!