Ebony Fetish Goddess Brings Rubber to Mischief in May

Rubbernatrix Ebony Fetish Goddess Intense BDSM Play by Evennfall

Mischief in May presenter Ebony Fetish GoddessBeauty and rubber combine in the extreme BDSM play of Ebony Fetish Goddess. A lifestyle rubbernatrix, performance artist, edge play fetishist and heavy rubberist who is an international BDSM presenter and freelance writer. Ebony Fetish Goddess discusses how she came to love rubber and latex, what rubber items she will be bringing to Mischief in May, gummi-klinik and rubber mummification.

Ebony Fetish Goddess will be presenting classes on “Breathplay 101”, “Intro to Gummi-klinik” and “Rubber Mummification and Total Enclosure”. You can also purchases raffle tickets to have breakfast with this amazing fetishist at Mischief in May, May 15-17th.

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Dom Forum April 20th

Party Time!!

BDSM, fetish Dom Forum Des Moines Iowa April 20thWe will be gearing up by discussing parties before Mischief in May! We will be focusing on play parties, what you can expect, rules and more! Newbies are encouraged to come and ask any burning questions they may have, and veterans are welcome to come and share some insight! IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT YOU MISCHIEF IN MAY TICKETS!! CLICK HERE 


I do have a few rules for the forum:

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Des Moines Sub Forum April 20th


Sub Forum Des Moines, Iowa April 20thWe will be gearing up by discussing parties before Mischief in May! We will be focusing on play parties, what you can expect, rules and more! Newbies are encouraged to come and ask any burning questions they may have, and veterans are welcome to come and share some insight! IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT YOU MISCHIEF IN MAY TICKET YET, CLICK HERE!!! 


I do have a few rules for the forum:

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2015 Dinner and Discussion April 18th

Its the only ‘twue’ way, right?

CIPEX Dinner and Discussion April 18thcue mocking laughter and eyerolling…

In seriousness, we’ll be talking about managing 24/7 Power Exchanges; the power exchange and kink versus vanilla expectations. Along with that, realistic discussion about the perks that go with a 24/7 exchange and why it isn’t for every relationship or person.

Order at the door and give your name, then come on back…

RSVP on Fetlife event page. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015 · 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Home Plate Diner
304 East 30th St
Cost: your meal
Dress code: vanilla, but I keep hoping….

Des Moines ALT Meetup April 16th

 For everyone on the fringe

Des Moines ALT Meetup April 17thThe next Des Moines ALT Meetup is Thursday April 16nd starting at 7pm at The Des Moines Social Club restaurant Malo.

Kinky? Goth? Liberal? Hipster? Queer? … all of the above and then some? None but open/accepting? Something else completely different? This is your space. Come meet others from the fringe.

Open to all ages but some adult conversation should be expected.

Early enough for dinner, but late enough for just drinks (your choice). Come meet Des Moines ALT and find your people.

RSVP for the event on Fetlife. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM
Malo at the Des Moines Social Club
900 Mulberry St, Des Moines, IA 50309
Cost: FREE!
Dress code: Vanilla casual

CIRB Rope Event April 18th

CIRB Des Moines Iowa rope education eventCome and play with some rope

Please join us next Saturday for some fun with rope and some friendly people.

As always people can bring rope and tie up your favorite bunny.

Please come to the back door.

We have permission to hangout until people want to go to the DND later that night … helping the neighbors.

RSVP at the Fetlife event page. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015 · 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Contact for details.
Cost: $0
Dress code: street clothing

Madame Wiladina’s Boutique Fitting Your Naughty & Nice Needs at Mischief in May

Corsets & More! Supporting Everyone’s Curves from Madame Wiladina

CIPEX Mischief in May vendor Madame Wiladina of Madame Wiladina's BoutiqueInterview by Evennfall

Wanting to feel sexy without the large price tag, Madame Wiladina was inspired to start her own boutique. She wanted a feeling of inclusion for every individual; large or small, woman, cross dresser or transgender. Madame Wiladina believes that every curvy individual deserves to look and feel stylish!

Madame Wiladina’s Boutique offers a large selection of corsets, lingerie, and fetish clothing with a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will be attending Mischief in May, May 15-17th. Madame Wiladina took the time to discuss her inspiration as a businesswoman, her favorite and most popular items, and how honored she is to have Madame Wiladina’s Boutique be a part of individual’s lives.

What inspired you to start Madame Wiladina’s Boutique?

After I gave birth to my son ten years ago I went into Lane Bryant. There I found the offerings for lingerie to be rather boring and pricy for what was offered. I knew I could not be the only woman who is plus sized and who wants to feel sexy—without throwing a lot of money away on something ugly. I continue to be inspired with the direction of the boutique thanks to my customers.

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Mischief in May & the return of Roughinamorato

Mischief in May 2015 Update!

Article by Richjod

CIPEX Mischief in May BDSM Fetish presenter Roughinamorato for 2015Roughinamorato! YES its true. Roughinamorato is returning to Des Moines earlier than we expected. Due to a work related scheduling conflict Master Michael and slave angie have unfortunately been forced to cancel their appearance at Mischief. Rough has kindly consented to step in and present some of his Advanced Rough Body Play classes on Backhanding and Punching and Kicking. He will also be presenting his Presenters Choice class which will be named a little bit later after Rough has a chance to evaluate which class he is most interested in presenting.

Also, the world famous Fifty Shades of Gray rope supplier, Drex Rope will be vending at Mischief. One of our vendors was forced to withdraw from Mischief and Drex Rope was thrilled to be able to step in to the open slot.

Bottom line, I think all of you who saw Roughinamorato when he was here in Des Moines for our March Munch, and for those of you who have purchased rope from Drex will agree that Mischief in May has just gotten EVEN BETTER! So if you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for! The price goes up on April 2 so go HERE NOW and register for the Premier Kink Event in the Midwest.

Sharp n Shiney BDSM Vendor at Mischief in May 15-17

3C’s Accessories & More Bringing the Shineys for the Kinky by Evennfall

Mischief in May vendor Sharp n Shiney May 15-17If sharp blades is a fetish of yours, you’ll want to check out the Mischief in May vendor Sharp n Shiney! A business that is a personal evolution into kink, Sharp N Shiney offers blades, jewelry, impact toys and much more. They offer custom made items and a special order program to find what you need.

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Mischief in May BDSM Fetish Event Ticket Price Increases April 2nd

No, this is not an April Fools Trick-Get your Mischief in May Tickets Now!

Mischief in May Fetish and Kink event with presenter Ebony Fetish GoddessIf you have already purchased your Mischief in May tickets then this note is not for you. But for those of you that have not purchased your tickets yet, I wanted to let you know that April 1st is the last day that you can purchase Mischief tickets for only $75. On April 2nd the price goes up to $100.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the passionate and unique Presenters that are coming to Mischief this year.

Look at just some of the things that come with your ticket to Mischief: Remember, we created this event so we could bring to everyone who comes to Mischief the same great experience that a few of us have had at so many major events over the years. For Mischief in May VI we have 5 world renowned Presenters, 16 educational classes, 2 Dungeon Parties, the ‘Late Night Dungeon Party Appetizer Buffet’ which starts at 10 PM each night. And for individual classes being offered: there is breath play, fire play, plastic wrap suspension, humiliation, rope suspension for pain, rope torture, role play development, Mischief in May presenter Simon Blaise - Spirituality into your BDSM Scenerough body play, and so much more (class list). There are the individual Presenters like Princess Kali, the internationally renowned kink educator and humiliatrix who presents over 50 different classes. Simon Blaise, the self titled ‘King of Kink’ who has developed revolutionary fire play and plastic wrap bondage techniques. Roughinamorato, who’s presentations on rough body play are extraordinary as we just saw last month at the CIPEX Munch. Mischief in May Rope Master Aeolis Est presenting at BDSM eventEbony Fetish Goddess, who has presented all over the world as the PREMIER RUBBERNATRIX and extreme edge player and who is presenting her famous ‘Gummi-klinik class in the United States for the FIRST TIME. And the stunning Aeolis Est, who is one of the most prominent Ropemasters in the nation. And let me state on a personal note, that I selected each of our Presenters mainly based on their passion. These Presenters are all super-excited to be coming to present for all of us at Mischief in May.

We as a KINK COMMUNITY need to show them our passion by REGISTERING for Mischief in May VI. You, your imagination, and your passion will not regret it.