A whole lot of KinkMedic Mischief is coming soon!

Mischief in May VII is quickly approaching! Do you have your tickets yet? If not, go here and get them NOW! Below is our final Presenter interview. Now that you have heard from all the Presenters it is easy to see that this Mischief is going to be one of the greatest events that we have ever had. You do not want to miss this Mischief. And now, lets find out what KinkMedic is bringing to Mischief:

1)                  Welcome KinkMedic  to Mischief in May. One of the classes that you are presenting for us is “Putting the “Rough” in Rough Body Play.” Do you find that the popularity of Rough Body Play continues to grow and why do you think that is?

I am surprised at how popular rough body play has become! It seems that every time it comes up in conversation, more and more people are exploring that as a kink they never thought they’d be open to…which is cool to see! I think it’s grown in popularity because it’s one of those things that violates almost every rule of social behavior. We’re taught from our earliest experiences that hitting others or causing them pain is HUGE social no-no. But when both parties agree, it can be such an incredibly intense experience, partly because it flies in the face of the social “norm” but primarily because of all the new sensations and levels of intensity it brings to the bedroom.

2)                  One of your classes this year is ” Pressure Points – An Owners Manual.” Is the topic of pressure points a difficult one to approach when taking into account the possibility of a misapplication that can result in injury?

I always preface this subject by saying that the things you’ll learn during class can absolutely do harm and should be explored with a gentle touch until you’ve gotten a solid grasp of how they work. But that rule applies to most things in the kink world. Anything used incorrectly can ultimately do harm and therefore it’s on us to explore new kinks with a good dose of caution.

3)                  A lot of people coming to Mischief in May are asking who is KinkMedic? What is something that you can tell us about yourself that you think will clear up some of the mystery of KinkMedic.

The bulk of my time in the community has been more or less under the radar. I’ve been providing volunteer medical support at kinks events for almost a decade. So I’ve always been around, you just wouldn’t have ever seen me unless you were injured or something went wrong with your scene. Until a few years ago, I’d always just kept my training to myself and my scenes. But after a particularly brutal scene at an event, someone asked if I’d be willing to teach a class? Which of course came as a surprise to me, but I jumped at the chance! Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to draw from all my training and develop additional classes.

4)                  Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable moments you have had while teaching at the many conventions that you have attended as a Presenter?

As far as favorite moments while presenting, I’m lucky because they happen all the time. It’s that look, sort of like seeing a light turned on, behind someone’s eyes when they realize that rough body play is something well within the realm of their ability. That starry-eyed shine that tells me that I’ve gotten through to that person and they can have an entire scene with nothing more than what they have attached at the end of their wrists. I love that look!

5)                  KinkMedic, your Presenters Choice class this year is: “Anatomy & Physiology for Kink.” Why did you select that class?

Like a lot of information out there, so much of it comes from sources that we can’t necessarily validate. Not that anyone has malicious intent in putting it out there, but there are rules we follow during play that we have no idea why we follow them or where they came from? This class was created to help end some of those misconceptions by providing the scene with statistically based, evidence backed information that will give us the tools needed to play safer. Because ultimately, the more we know, the safer we can play!

6)                  What are you looking forward to the most on your first trip to Mischief in May?

I’m a full on extrovert of a human being! It’s all about the people for me. I don’t often get the chance to teach outside the Chicagoland area, so getting to meet people that I would not normally come across is going to be the best part of Mischief in May. Beyond getting to spend an entire weekend surrounded by a bunch of awesome kinky people, seeing some new faces and hopefully learning a thing or two will totally make my weekend! So please don’t hesitate to come up and say, ‘Hi’ (I’m told I give good hug)!

KinkMedic is coming to find out just how much mischief that Mischief has to offer! But in order for him to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up on April 18th! Don’t miss out on seeing not only KinkMedic, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Aeolis Est, Raven Kaldera, Laura Antoniou, and Murphy Blue. You will not be disappointed!

Murphy Blue ready for Mischief


Murphy Blue is bringing his highly engaging teaching style to Mischief in May VII. World renowned as one of the rope worlds premier Presenters, Murphy has so much rope work in his arsenal that we will see just a fraction of it on Mischief Weekend. But just to see the four classes that Murphy will be teaching you have to be registered to go.  Don’t wait any longer! GO HERE TO REGISTER NOW! And check out the announcement of the new addition to Mischief, the Bondage Art Performance.  Both Murphy and Aeolis will perform one Bondage Rope Performance, a highly erotic, emotionally sensual, and stunningly beautiful rope scenes. This is the Mischief that you can’t miss. The price goes up in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! Buy your tickets NOW! Murphy was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us so we can have some insight into the man that is: Murphy Blue.

1)      Welcome Murphy Blue to Mischief in May. The first class that you are presenting for us is “Lets Talk Hogties.” Do you find that hogties are something that you do for a specific type of rope scene or is it something that can be incorporated into any rope scene?

Hogties can be part of any rope scene. From the erotic to the sadistic. Because of the position, they usually add some mental level of being “actually” captured. From there, it usually depends on the mindset of the rope top, and the flavor of the connection the players have on what the scene will become.

2)       One of your classes this year is ”Sexual Shibari.” Do you find that the sexual nature of Shibari is intrinsically linked to the spiritual nature of rope play?

The sexual nature of bondage is there because bondage is a sexual act. Spirit adds it’s flavor to the mix, but when you consent to either tying or being tied, there is a sexual feeling in the tie from the beginning. It could be because the act of bondage makes people feel more vulnerable, and when we feel we can trust people with that level of vulnerability, we allow a level of attraction to grow. It could be the feeling of shame that makes “naughty” things turn us on that is at play. Allowing your spirit to connect to rope allows you control over something that is already in motion, and the ability to direct that motion, add even more power to it… or remove that sexual power entirely.

3)      How long have you been into rope and has the spirituality of tying someone always been a part of it for you?

16 years. And no. While I have always had a connection to spiritual studies and practice, rope was originally an artistic pursuit for me. As I learned to let the rope convey the message I was intending, I began to allow what I knew about spirit to intermingle with what I was learning about rope.

4)      Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable moments you have had while teaching rope at the many conventions that you have attended as a Presenter?

At my first Bondage Expo Dallas, I was making a point about how different emotions can be focused no matter what music is playing. I cited an example form another class where I did a hardcore bondage demo to a song from “The Lion King”. They wanted to see, but I didn’t have the song.  So I sang it while doing the demo. They were very pleased.

5)      Murphy Blue, your Presenters Choice class this year is: “The Many Moods of Bondage.” Why did you select that class?

Because people assume a bondage form is “sadistic”, “sensual”, or the like. And while a form may have a leaning, it is up to the people in the scene to give it a mood and flavor. And to hold that mood regardless out outside influences. I want people to be able to use whatever rope forms they know to have whatever types of scenes they dream of. Rope is as versatile as we are.

6)      What are you looking forward to the most on your first trip to Mischief in May?

Seeing old friends, making new ones, and experiencing another part of the kink world.

Murphy Blue is ready to experience all that Mischief has to offer! But in order for him to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! Don’t miss out on seeing not only Murphy Blue, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Aeolis Est, Raven Kaldera, Laura Antoniou, and KinkMedic. You will not be disappointed!


Aeolis Est returns for more Mischief

Aeolis Est, the Primal Predator, is coming back to Mischief in May. After Mischief VI’s superb presentations we just had to see more! Aeolis is going to be presenting 4 BRAND NEW to Mischief classes. Also, on Friday night Aeolis and his demo-doll Fire-bite will be showing all of us what a bondage performance art piece looks like. You just do not want to miss this years Mischief. If you haven’t registered go HERE NOW! Don’t be left out! Aeolis was kind enough to answer a few questions for us as we dug a little deeper into the mind of the Primal Predator. Check out his answers below:

  1. Welcome back Aeolis to Mischief in May. The first question on everyone’s mind that saw you last year is, will you be bringing the tiara with you?

Well, I will be bringing the tiara with me. It travels just about everywhere I go, for whenever the princess mood strikes.

2. One of your classes this year is: “Transitions Not willing to leave well enough alone.” When teaching transitions do you find that the spiritual reasoning of using transitions to take a person’s rope work to the next level is a difficult concept for most people to understand?

Oddly enough, I have found that the most difficult part of teaching transitions is teaching the confidence part of things. More often than not, the skill required to learn transitions exists long before the Top has acquired the sufficient confidence to do them.

I’m not talking about ego here, but the confidence in their own ability to move beyond thinking in straight up and down types of suspensions. I’ve found that most people that have been doing suspensions for a while have already started incorporating minor transitions into their scenes, and it just takes a bit of pointing it out to them to show them that they have the skill. Of course, there is also a fine line to walk here, between the confidence to do a thing, and the ego-driven overconfidence that causes people to run up hard against Dunning-Kruger. As for the spiritual side of things, it is something that people must find for themselves. At first, people are usually too worried about making sure everything is done right to think about the spiritual/connectivity aspects of what they’re doing. The bottoms, on the other hand, they usually get it right away.

3) How long have you been into rope and has the spirituality of tying someone always been a part of it for you?

I’ve been using rope in my play for as long as I can remember. 12-13 years or so, I think. I got really serious about it back in 2009 or so, and by then my spirituality had taken over just about every aspect of my life. So, to answer the second part of the question, yes, though I must say that it was not always as overtly a part of it as it is now.

4) Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable events you have had while teaching rope at the many conventions that you have attended as a Presenter?

It’s hard to answer this question, as there have been many moments over the years where something has stuck out and lingers powerfully in my memory. I love the “Ah HA!” Moments, those times when someone finally “gets” something new, and I can see whole worlds of possibility opening behind their eyes. It is for those moments that I continue to travel and share my knowledge, I love helping people achieve something new and exciting in their lives.

Even so, I also really love those moments when I am presenting something particularly brutal and I can look out and see in the audience a panoply of emotions. Horror, arousal, shame at being aroused by something so horrible, it really does run the gamut. I was teaching semenawa (punishment rope) one time, and I happened to catch the eye of a girl masturbating near the back of the room. I hadn’t noticed that she was doing it, and all of a sudden our eyes locked. I knew what she was doing, and the moment of realization that I had noticed her caused her to blush this beautiful shade of puce. I didn’t point her out to everyone, but it was this really lovely moment that was shared between her and I.

5) Aeolis Est, your Presenters Choice class this year is: “Rope Dancing, Rough Body Play Style.” Why did you select that class?

This is a relatively new class that I’ve started sharing, and it was developed directly from the style of play that I usually find myself utilizing. More than once I’ve had someone come up to me after one of my scenes and ask where they can learn the stuff I was doing. After enough of those, I decided I should start sharing it as a formal class, and it’s been great. Also, I really hate it when someone tells me that they’re not into rope because it’s boring. I can definitely accept someone not being into rope because it just isn’t their thing, but it horrifies me to think of the kind of rope they’ve been exposed to where they think it’s boring. Rope play is what you make of it, and I love sharing how versatile it can be. Rough body play and rope bondage that ISN’T hojo-jutsu? Sign me up.

6) What are you looking forward to the most with this return trip to Mischief in May?

In returning, I am looking forward to spending time with some of the fantastic folk I got to meet last time. I really enjoyed quite a few of the folk I met last year, and it will be great to see them again. As for this MiM in particular, I love the panel of presenters that you have. Murphey is an amazing rope presenter, and I always enjoy seeing him, but Raven Kaldera and Laura Antoniou are phenomenal folk, and I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to spend some time learning from them.

There you have it. Aeolis is all ready for even more Mischief with his return engagement ! But in order for him to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up soon! Don’t miss out on seeing not only Aeolis Est, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Murphy Blue, Raven Kaldera, Laura Antoniou, and KinkMedic. You will not be disappointed!

Legendary Author Laura Antoniou is coming for Mischief

laura-antoniou-300x227book-signing-CIPEX is ecstatic to welcome the spectacular author of The Marketplace Book Series and pioneering Leather Woman, the underground legend herself, Laura Antoniou. While The Marketplace Series is her most popular work (over 600,000 copies and counting sold) Laura has numerous other books that she has published. In 2013, Laura published her first mystery, The Killer Wore Leather, a murder mystery that takes place at a leather contest. It won the 2013 Rainbow Book Award for Best B/T & LGBT Contemporary & Historical Fiction, and the NLA (National Leather Association) Pauline Reage Novelist Award in 2014

As a presenter, panelist, and keynote speaker, Laura has appeared at over 150 conferences, groups and events over more than twenty years, both entertaining and delivering an occasional verbal indictment. She has also appeared at colleges and universities, including Harvard, NYU, Rutgers, Columbia and the University of Washington.

Laura lives in Queens, NY with her wife Karen, and is Kim Attica’s boy. In 2011, Laura received the NLA: International’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. And she’s still alive! She is also the recipient of the 2011 “Worst Camper” award at Dark Odyssey: Fusion, and yes, she totally deserved both of these awards.

But we wanted to know more about this amazing woman. So we sent her a few questions. What follows is our interview with Laura Antoniou:

  1. Laura, with your many years involved in the BDSM and Leather lifestyles, do you continue to learn new things? If so, what is the most recent thing you learned?

If a day goes by when I haven’t learned anything new, that’s a pretty sad day. But that’s in general. When it comes to the kink/BDSM/altsex communities, the new things I learn tend to be personal experiences and trends, plus an occasional revelation of how ignorant/ rude/ dim/ criminally dangerous some people can be. For example, I recently discovered some people seem to think “a submissive” must ask permission to leave a relationship. Fascinating how deluded some people can be.

2.  You wrote The Marketplace series of books which have now sold over 600,000 copies. How many other books have you written? Have your writings influenced your kink lifestyle or do you feel that your lifestyle experiences have shaped the direction of your writings?

Before and during the period when I wrote the first three MP books, I also wrote a gay male novel, (Musclebound)and dozens of gay short stories for magazines and anthologies, revised an authentic Victorian novel to make it more explicit, and edited half a dozen anthologies, including Leather Women I, II & III and Some Women, a collection of essays and true stories from kinky women. In 2013, I released The Killer Wore Leather, a comedy murder mystery, and it was wonderfully received, my best reviewed work, ever. It was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and won the Rainbow Books Best GLBT Mystery award.

I certainly hope that if my works have influenced anyone in the kink communities, it is through imaginative masturbation. Novels are not instruction manuals. I like to hear that people enjoyed them, that they were entertained, or inspired to have some fabulous sex, that they maybe, MAYBE role played a bit. But I doubt any sensible person would think they were guidelines for real life.

And in the other part of your question, of course my own experiences inform what I write. The Killer Wore Leather is the closest thing to a farcical documentary of my experiences in the scene, a la Christopher Guest. (This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, etc.) More than that, I started writing the Marketplace books because the scene was a rather disappointing place for me at that time. They came during and after a period when I was already burning out on scene politics, organizations, contests and events, the endless bickering and the cycle of organizational rise and fall. I still had these romantic notions about how it was going to be one day when I found my people. How sad to find your people and realize they’re just like everyone else. (Sad and useful, actually.) But in my frustration and hurt, I started writing a world that had more absolutes.

And if anyone reads the final line in book 6, The Inheritor, which came out last year and does not understand it’s a commentary on the state of the scene today, it’s only because they haven’t been around long enough.

3.  “The Way of It: Establishing and Maintaining Protocol within Relationships,” is one of the classes that you are presenting at Mischief in May.  Do you feel protocol is more important within the BDSM relationship versus those in vanilla relationships?

I don’t think it’s important in and of itself, any more than knowing and using rope bondage or basing your kinky fun times on old ‘Perils of Pauline’ style serials instead of an ongoing relationship style. Using protocols is just one of the many tools we have to make our relationships uniquely satisfying. And never think vanilla people don’t use them! To think that means a basic misunderstanding of what a protocol is. A protocol is just a standardized way of doing things. Everyone operates under protocols at some point in almost every day.

Protocols aren’t about WHAT you do. They’re about HOW you do it. The protocol for making a cup of tea, for example, may include an electric kettle or a samovar or grandma’s tea set or a pod in a Keurig. It could be something you only do in the morning, in the afternoon, or when the time has been specially set aside for a ritualized presentation. I personally don’t have a protocol for making or serving tea, because 1) I don’t care enough about tea, and 2) therefore, when I do make tea, it can happen any number of ways.

Vanilla people have their own relationship protocols, even though it would probably not occur to them to call them such. They are habits that transcend mere repetition – they develop meaning past what an outsider will see. A certain touch, a code phrase, any behavior can be a protocol.

It’s the same in kinky relationships. If people care about how something is done, then they can establish that action as part of their personal protocol, whether it’s deeply meaningful to them, like putting a collar on or taking it off, or whether it’s a fetish thing they especially like. Maybe they enjoy having ten “slave positions” or a prescribed way to deliver a beating. Or they have their own way to refer to each other. A way to signal its sexy-fun times. How they dress up when going out to a club or event. It varies with every single relationship. This is why no one should ever refer to “the protocol,” or “protocol” as though there is one we all understand and either follow or not.

4.  “For Your Own Good: Using Punishment in your SM Relationships,” is another of the classes that you are presenting for us at Mischief in May. Have you found that the administration of punishments increases or decreases over time as the relationship progresses?

Not everyone uses punishment as part of their dynamic. Some people find it degrading or silly or dysfunctional. Some people start off a relationship in high fantasy mode; before they even know where they each went to school, they’re playing top/bottom games of disobedience and punishment, and they’re making up rules and struggling to remember them. But like all relationships, intensity and frequency change over time. It can be because they move into a state where the very concept of punishment is silly. Or they may believe it’s not healthy for them. Or, there may be fewer “excuses” for it, and the top is there wracking her brain to come up with something so they can show their mighty domliness.

But I also see how people can revive some lost passion and fun and role playing and evidences of power by bringing punishment into an existing relationship, or changing the way they use it.

I address all of these things in the class, and show people how to get beyond stereotypes and fantasies and find ways that improve and sustain their relationships rather than threaten them or keep them out of the same-old, same-old.

5.  Mischief in May presenter Laura Antoniou, your Presenters choice class for Mischief in May is “That Ain’t Necessarily So – Lies, Exaggerations & Silly Shit You Keep Hearing in the Scene.” Do you find this to be your most frequently changing presentation or do people keep repeating the same silly shit?

Same shit, different decade. The first Eulenspiegel meeting I ever went to, the topic was “What’s the difference between a submissive and a slave?” That was over 30 YEARS ago! As I usually say, “Have we figured this out yet? No? Then let’s move the fuck on.” So much the same shit.

Some things age out, though. I used to have a whole shtick on cybersex behaviors, but I don’t think people do that anymore. Do they? I should ask around.

Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable events you have had in the lifestyle?

That time when I overheard someone earnestly telling someone else that the Marketplace was based on a real organization and this character was so-and-so and that character was some other person. They had NO IDEA who I was, so I just sort of stayed nearby and listened to the entire story. It was amazing. It included lost European royalty, sex changes, family secrets, and suitcases of money. Later on I ran into this person at a meet-and-greet and took great pleasure in introducing myself. They seemed a little shaken.

6.  What are you looking forward to at Mischief in May?

Meeting people I haven’t met before! It’s my first time in your area and I am excited to see what you all are doing out there and have fun and some laughs with the attendees.

There you have it. Laura Antoniou is coming to meet you! But in order for her to do that YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND MISCHIEF IN MAY VII!!! Go HERE and register now!!! The price goes up soon! Don’t miss out on seeing not only Laura Antoniou, but our other FANTASTIC International Presenters Murphy Blue, Raven Kaldera, Aeolis Est, and KinkMedic. You will not be disappointed!

Raven Kaldera: This Presenter is up for Mischief


As one of our spectacular Presenters for Mischief in May VII, Raven Kaldera brings a long list of superlatives and outstanding reviews on his presentations. CIPEX wanted to find out a little bit more about him and maybe get a little sneak peek at the classes Raven will be presenting for us. He was happy to answer our questions and is looking forward to sharing some of his vast knowledge and experience with the kink lifestyle.

1) With your many years involved in the BDSM, transgender, and Pagan lifestyles, do you continue to learn new things? If so, what is the most recent thing you learned?

I always continue to learn new things, mostly from talking to other people who do things differently than I do. I do a lot of interview-based books, and that gives me access to a lot of folks who wouldn’t otherwise get heard. I’ve learned, over time, that when someone is doing something that doesn’t at all resemble what I do – but they seem happy and content with it – that it is my job to stop myself from saying, “They’re doing it wrong,” and instead tell myself, “They’re doing it differently.” If I can, I’ll then ask them about what they’re doing and why that works for them. Even if I don’t use that information personally, it broadens my view of the world, and I might run into someone in a counseling session who would be better off doing it that way. In addition, sometimes I learn a lot about my own desires (and why I chose them) from listening to other people.

2) How many other books have you written? Which of your books has proven to be most popular?  Have your writings influenced your kink lifestyle or do you feel that your lifestyle experiences have shaped the direction of your writings?

I’ve written or edited 39 books in several different genres. I think I’m up to 14 in the realm of alternative relationships. Right now “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path” is still my best-seller, with “Power Circuits: Polyamory in a Power Dynamic” as the second-best. People routinely come up to me and tell me that Power Circuits helped save their relationships. I write the books that weren’t there for me when I needed them. I want to be the person who prevents others from being let down and isolated in that way, at least in a few circumstances. I’ve gotten to the point where I give a class and people come up afterwards and ask, “When will you be putting out a book on this?” Most of my alternative relationship books are written as a community service – they go out through a writer’s cooperative because they’re too controversial for commercial presses, and I don’t get much money, but it’s worth it to hear people tell me how it helped them.

3) “Emotional Edge Play” is one of the classes that you are presenting at Mischief in May.  Do you think this type of mind play requires more caution than the physical types of edge play like cuttings, suspension, etc.?

All play requires some caution, but emotional play especially so. We are proponents of RACK – Risk-Aware Consensual Kink – and we strongly encourage people to be honest with themselves and their mental state before engaging in potentially triggering, high-risk behavior. Our main points on this are to be self-aware, be communicative, have good boundaries, and if it goes wrong, problem-solve it and don’t whine about it on the Internet.

4) “The Far End of M/s:  Consensual Non-Consent, TPE, and Internal Enslavement,” is another of the classes that you are presenting for us at Mischief in May. Would you consider this to be one of the most controversial classes that you present? If so why?

Power dynamic relationships are controversial anyway, even among BDSM practitioners. (We live in an area where the BDSM and power dynamic demographics are sharply divided, and many BDSM folks here don’t believe that full-time power dynamic relationships are healthy, or in some cases even possible.) So you can imagine what power dynamic relationships look like to people who don’t do BDSM! (Actually, there’s a good number of people outside the BDSM demographic who do power exchange, and we counsel many of them because they aren’t comfortable with kink events.) So when we start talking about high-control consenting power dynamics, where one member of the couple is willingly and thoughtfully giving up all limits and authority and recourse to the (hopefully trusted) other, sometimes we even upset people who are already in power dynamics with a lower level of authority exchange. That’s why we use a lot of disclaimers and explain carefully. We make everyone come in on time for this class, because if you miss the disclaimers, you may not understand the rest of it.

5) Mischief in May presenter Raven Kaldera, your presenter’s choice class for Mischief in May is “Polyamory in a Power Dynamic” Do you find that Poly relationships are easier or harder when they have a Power Dynamic?

Having a power dynamic, or not, isn’t what makes polyamory hard. Polyamory is hard because it  requires people to be honest, communicative, self-aware, and do a lot of conflict management. Power dynamic relationships also require people to do all those things. So if you’re trying both alternative lifestyles and you’ve already got those qualities down, you’ll do fine. If not everyone involved is reasonably good at being honest, communicative, self-aware, and working through conflict, then you’ll have trouble at either of them, and double trouble if you’re juggling both.

6) Would you share one of your most unexpected, funny or memorable events you have had in the lifestyle?

Well, there’s not one lifestyle, there are several, all trying to crowd in under one umbrella of “alternative” sexualities and relationships. But in my own particular buffet of alternative dishes, probably the most unexpected thing was how much I’ve grown emotionally from owning a slave. I knew that I wanted it, I knew that it spoke to me deeply, but I didn’t know that it would provide a safe space for the healing of many old wounds, in a way that no other relationship had. While I can do OK without power dynamics – and I’d better, I have three partners and I only own one of them – having a power dynamic relationship grows and evolves me in ways I couldn’t have imagined before.

So there you have it. Come on out to Mischief in May VII and enjoy some of Raven’s insights into kink relationships. Register for Mischief in May VII HERE. And don’t forget to reserve a hotel room in our Host Hotel for Mischief where all the classes will take place and our Mischief Vendors will be set up. Our Hotel room block is limited and expires April 20th so go HERE for information on making your reservation at the heavily discounted room rate that CIPEX has obtained for you.


Sinsual Steel returns to MiM

Sinsual Steel is once again returning to vend at Mischief in May VII.  We thought it was time to ask a few questions and find out what they are going to have available for all of our Mischief Event Attendees.

1. What type of merchandise are you going to have available for our Mischief Event Attendees?

Sinsual Steel will be bringing paddles, dragon’s tongues, floggers, horse hair floggers, canes of lots of different types along with many, many other items. All items are handmade with lots of love and great attention to every little detail. We will also be featuring a lot of new items that won’t even be listed yet. All attendees will have the opportunity to buy them before anyone else. Check out our store on Etsy to look at some of the items we’ll be bringing along.

2.  Are you going to have any special deals for Mischief Attendees that are only available during the event?

For the attendees of this event, we’ll be offering select paddles and rattan items at $5 off the price marked! So stop by our booth to check out what we have!

3.   Are you going to be doing any special demos or modeling of particular products?

Never thrown a flogger or dragon’s tongue before? Don’t be afraid to let us know when you stop by! Draygon_1 will be glad to help you learn and show you some great beginner’s toys if you’re just starting out.  If you’re more experienced, not to worry, we will have plenty of great items for you as well.

4.  Do you have a particular favorite product that you sell?

Well since there are two of us, we’ll tell both of ours. Master (Draygon_1) would probably say that his favorite toy is the dragon’s tongue. He loves the snap and sting it gives in just the spot he wants it to.  While me, his slave (draysangel) would have to say that my favorite is the rubber flogger. At least for now.  Smiles…. I seem to fall in love with more of them as time goes by.

5.  What is the most popular product that you will have on hand at Mischief in May?

A popular item for us right now is the thumper. It’s a rolled piece of suede that really packs a good thump. Each item has a hand turned wood handle which is an asset to this piece to make it special. Another item that has been popular for us is the Widows Kiss. The five carbon fiber rods make this a very versatile toy for anyone’s toy bag.

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Lets welcome a NEW Vendor -Pure Romance- to Mischief

Pure Romance Vendor

Mischief Events is happy to announce that we have a new Vendor coming to Mischief in May VII. Jessie and Amanda of Pure Romance took the time to answer a few questions that will give some insight as to what to expect when they open their booth at the EXCITING Mischief in May VII.

1)      What type of merchandise are you going to have available for our Mischief Event Attendees?

Pure Romance prides itself on sexual health and empowerment. That being said, we will be stocking up on products from all of our lines which include bath, skin care, massage, foreplay, arousal creams, lubricants, bedroom accessories and lingerie.

2)      Are you going to have any special deals for Mischief Attendees that are only available during the event?

Yes! We will have two deals going on that will be exclusive to the Mischief in May VII Event! Deal #1- Buy one piece of lingerie and get the second at 35% off. Deal #2- a TLC (toy, lubricant and cleaner) purchase receives a free toy tote (a discreet bag that holds your toy and keeps them clean while in storage).

3)      Are you going to be doing any special demos of particular products or free samples of the many lubricants you sell?

We will not be doing any demonstrations as we would at parties, however, we will be available to answer any questions you may have. At this event, we will have a table and some of our items out for viewing where you can walk up and see, smell and handle these items to get an idea of what it is before purchasing. If you don’t see a particular item out at the table, we may have it in our inventory, so just ask!

And yes, we will have a variety of samples from our many lubricants.

4)      Do you have a particular favorite product that you sell?

Hmm. That’s a tough question. Too many of our products have been able to enhance individual relationships, so it would be impossible to pin point just one particular item. We try to provide everyone with the items that will meet their needs. We look forward to helping you meet your needs.

5)      What is the most popular item you will have on hand at Mischief in May?

We believe that the most popular single item on hand will likely be our Simply Silk lubricant. Reason being, it is a lubricant that can be used for all activities. It is a premium blend of ingredients that are gentle, super slippery, not sticky, and it can be used with toys of all materials. So, it is very universal.

Be sure to stop by the Pure Romance Vendor Booth at Mischief in May VII and check out what Jessie and Amanda have to offer. You will be glad you did!

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