CIPEX in Des Moines Iowa CIPEX, originally DADG, was started by Lady Nemesis and was originally called DMAD or Des Moines Area Deviants. She started the group in answer to the lack of munch groups local to the Des Moines area. A list serve was set up for DMAD and the group would meet at restaurants to chat and spend time with like-minded folks. The group grew quickly and Lady Nemesis felt the group needed more direction with people in charge who would lead the group with more focus; around 1998-1999 she stepped down and took a break from the group. During that time, the group underwent a name change, became DADG, and had a three-person board.

DADG original BDSM groupSince then the group has grown further, created a larger board, and focused on providing education and fellowship for the local BDSM community. In 2008 the newly-elected board members made some radical decisions for the future of the local munch group. They decided that there needed to be a clear division between the online e-mail list, DADG, and the face-to-face group of people that met a few times a month to socialize, to learn, and to be with like-minded folks.

That is when CIPEX (Central Iowa Power Exchange) was born. It was a difficult birthing, fraught with confusion and some conflict. Over the year CIPEX officially incorporated as a non-profit organization, drew up by-laws, and began the work of growing. The board members worked hard to nurture the newly born CIPEX and their hard work is beginning to pay off.

CIPEX and its mother group, DADG, are working hand-in hand to build a thriving Central Iowa BDSM community where people can go to learn to practice BDSM in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. We’re also creating a large social network so like-minded people can have a safe space to just be themselves without having to worry about being judged or criticized for their kink.

As a non-profit organization a voting membership is required. It was decided that a $20 membership fee would be charged to vote in the annual board membership. You are welcome to join the group for no charge. If you wish to help select the board, then you will need to purchase a voting membership.