CIPEX Provides…

As a lifestyle community we want to provide programs to help the members of this local area. Below is a listing of all the programs we currently offer our members.CIPEX BDSM Group does Safe Calls

Safe Call Program

Safe Call Service is a volunteer program that CIPEX offers its members. It is free to use and become a volunteer safe call.

Respected persons of the group are available for safe call services.

Download the Safe Call Program Brochure to get the list of current Safe Call volunteers.

Novice Orientation

CIPEX BDSM group for novices.Novice Orientation is our commitment to the future of our lifestyle and a loving effort to share wisdom with those taking their first frightened steps into the vistas we treasure.

This program is intended for people who have not attended any munches, groups or face to face meetings. It is meant for the uninitiated and shy.

Watch the CIPEX FETLIFE Page for announcements on quarterly Novice Orientations.